The Struggle to be “In His Image”

Love is as simple as accepting someone the way they are naturally.

There are plenty of ladies out there that can agree with me saying that men don’t know what they want. Women face so many challenges when it comes to trying to be what men want us to be. Some guys want a sweet smart girl with a great personality and skills in the bed. *yea I said it, a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed*

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Bags Under $50

All teens including me want to carry the hottest bags today but as we all know our budgets are REALLY limited! Don’t worry because I found a couple of cool sites that sell really trendy handbags and more….

I would carry this bag out to the club or going out to brunch

Now this bag ladies I would carry while I’m out shopping

I would carry this bag when i’m out on the  town with my friends

I would chose this clutch when going out to dinner

Too Expensive?

This may look like a normal iPhone with a flashy case, but once you hold it, you’ll be in for a shock. This 3GS iPhone is made of  22K gold and 136 rare 7.1 carat diamonds and comes in 7kg granite box. Its price is listed at $3.2 million. Personally, I believe it’s a little pricey and unnecessary, but it is pretty nice.

OJ Da Juiceman:New Mixtape!!!!

OJ Da Juiceman just released a new mixtape “Bouldercrest Day”. I haven’t heard anything off the mixtape but I can assure you that the mixtape will be full of Aye’s and Okay’s. The mixtape also features some of his trap buddies that are unheard of but the mixape is definitely worthy of being downloaded.

Jackson Stone