No Justice for J. Justice



Innocence  lives- No vindication for the robbing of it- May God have mercy on the hearts and minds of those who choose to cradle the burden… Manipulating life and death…

2-year-old Jada Justice has been missing since June 16th and on Friday (the 26th) her body was found. Allegedly the baby’s cousin and boyfriend, who were high off heroine, took the following steps in a successful attempt to end her life: They whooped her; then they put her body into a bag and tried to burn her;  finally, they cemented her into the bath tub and discared the body into a swamp. Another deplorable element of this story is the media’s lack of coverage and exposure of this missing black baby. Why is it that when little Kaylee Anthony and other white children go missing, its bigger than the presidential election?! Have we gotten to the point where it is accepted that bad things happen to black people and in black communities? Why can’t the media give little baby Justices’ some justice!!!



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