Will Shaq Be LeBron’s Pippen?

 LeBron and Shaq at the ESPY's
LeBron and Shaq at the ESPY Awards

  Well everyone knows about the biggest trades around the league and that those trades overshadowed this year’s NBA draft. Shaquille O’ Neal will wear  33 as his jersey number which some people are comparing to the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen era (23 and 33). LeBron James is at the top of his game and Shaq showed everyone last season that he is still one of the most dominant players in the league. But with Shaq being on the downside of his basketball career, and being about 100 pounds more than Scottie, I wouldn’t expect the same speed that Pippen had.

Two seasons ago, Shaq announced that he would retire after this season. But around late last Thursday on twitter, Shaq stated that he planned on playing longer than the 1 year left under his contract. ” My numbers are not good enough to retire….3 more years left” he tweeted.



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