Get Off The Block

Here are  10 great spots that I think teens should go just 2 get them out of the hood!! N im not talking about the Taste of Chicago. Im talkin’ about spots downtown where you should check out if you are thinkin’ about going out on a date or something. Tell me what you think………

1.   Home Run Inn Pizza
    4254 W 31st St
   Chicago, IL 60623
(If I was on a date in I went here I’ll get the sausage pizza n some hot wigs on the side then I’ll play some games!!!)
2.   Go to the movies see the new Transformers or Public Enemies.
View Image
3.           Take a walk in  Millennium Park. (Some ppl are romantic)
View Image
4.           The Cheesecake Factory
              875 North Michigan Avenue
            Chicago, IL 60611


Pepperoni, Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce
(This sounds good but i don’t like mushrooms or onions)


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5.         Navy Pier 
            600East Grand Avenue
            Chicago, IL 60611
(At night sit hand by hand on the ferris wheel )
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6.      Take him or her shopping at the Water Tower
         835 N. Michigan Avenue
        Chicago, Illinois  60611-2218

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7.    Go see the fish at The Shedd Aquarium
        1200 S. Lake Shore Drive 
        Chicago, IL 60605
(Just to walk inside makes it feel romantic)

View Image

8.    Hershey’s Chocolate store in Chicago

       822 North Michigan Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60611

View Image

9.   The Signature Room at the 95th® 
  875 N. Michigan Ave.
      Chicago, IL 60611


View Image

10.   Weber Grill Restaurant
        539 N. State Street
       Chicago IL 60654


By: Ashley J. 



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