Get Real Reebok!

untitledREEBOK EX-O-FIT HI 2009

Off the back I yell ” Where are you Yeezy, I can’t see the Yeezys!” Oops sorry, they’re just Reeboks. Hey Reebok, your shoe looks Very similar to the Yeezys.  The shoe is pretty much Kanye’s Air Yeezys with some differences. The classic Reebok high top sides (you can tell a reebok when you see them), strap in the opposite direction, cordless in the back unlike the Yeezys, different shoe loops and strings, and obviously the color. Reebok has solid bright red hot pink color and a bright purple both colors have a neon feel to them. This reminds me when Fila tried to make their new shoes similar to the Prada loafers. Only problem with that was that Fila made the shoes almost Exactly alike. Don’t think Fila have anymore original ideas left either.  Back to the Reebok Yeezy look alike, don’t get me wrong as if I’m saying the shoe suck yet come on now Reebok, you can be a little bit original. Just won’t catch me rocking them though.





One thought on “Get Real Reebok!

  1. Lol. This was a good one; Who would wear Reeboks.? And they dont even stand a chance to the “Yeezy’s”. Reeboks are pitiful.

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