Lets Fly Away With The “Man On The Moon”



Rapper Kid Cudi has released his trailer for his upcoming album Man on the Moon: the End of Day, and personally…It Sucks! I’m a big Kid Cudi fan and is looking forward to the release of the cd, but this trailer doesn’t give it any justice. Cudi is pretty much known for his hit single “Day and Night” and being signed to Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D Music record label but maybe Kanye should’ve helped him with this trailer.  You’re pretty much passing thru the universe with heavy bass  and you finally get to Earth and the moon where Cudi is waiting for you. Doesn’t give you any sample of music on the cd or any real reason to go out and get it. But I know I will still get the cd becasue he is a pretty dope rapper. You be the judge.


Daniel DOOKIE Merrick


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