Michael Jackson know who ur friends R!!

11-20-03 michael02

  First and for most I wanna show my respect to the entire Jackson family, even those who’s names aren’t in the spot light before I state my opinion which might stir up negativity.

I find it amazing that not to long ago a lot of the same people who swear up and down that they were effected by the death of the king of pop were the ones who were bashing him for his accused criminal acts in the past.

Now I’ve heard of forgive and forget but isn’t it a tad bit to late, why wait till Michael Jackson’s death to make things right?  R.I.P Mike Jack

DeVontre Spears


One thought on “Michael Jackson know who ur friends R!!

  1. Yeah I also seen that people that were talking about him said he did something inn their lives. Like on the BET Awards the Wayan brother Marlon, was giving his tributes. However, his brother Keenan kept on making funny scenes about Michael in the Scary Move sequal.

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