DVD of the Week – The Fighting Temptations

FightingTemptationsDVDThe Fighting Temptations

Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Beyonce Knowles, Mike Epps, Wendell Pierce, Eddie Levert Sr., LaTanya Richardson, Faith Evans and Steve Harvey

PLOT: Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyonce Knowles headline a star-studded cast in this gospel packed romantic comedy.

Darrin (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a smart, hardworking man but his habitual lying keeps him in trouble. When he was a boy, his mom (Faith Evans) was kicked out of church when she was exposed for singing R&B music when she was in the church choir. He now lives in NYC, but gets fired from his job. Unfortunately, his aunt dies and he must return to his old hometown Georgia, to go to her funeral. Upon arriving, he befriends a “booty-obsessed” cab driver (Mike Epps) who gives him a tour of the town. Darrin sees a beautiful woman named Lilly (Beyonce Knowles) who he used to like when he was a kid. After his aunt’s funeral he is informed that as her dying wish, she wants him to direct the choir to victory at a annual gospel competition. Paulina (LaTanya Richardson), the bitter woman who kicked him and his mom out of church years ago begins to antagonize him because she wants the choir director position. Darrin also discovers that Lilly has a beautiful singing voice and would like her to sing in his choir. All he has to do now is prove that his intentions are good and persuade her to sing. As time progresses, a romance begins between the two of them but once Darrin’s dirty laundry causes him to ruin the choir and his relationship with Lilly, will he go back to New York and continue has bad ways, or will he stay in Georgia with Lilly and the choir?.  Co-starring are gospel singers Melba Moore, Ann Nesby and Reverend Shirley Caesar, as well as R&B singers The O’Jays and Angie Stone. They all appear as people who live in the town who join the choir. Steve Harvey makes a memorable appearance as a drunk radio DJ who appears frequently throughout the movie.


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