New Picture

Different? Yes!

Cute? Most def!

Omg did she really do it!

            Heck yea she did! Yayyy Cassie you ROCK! What a way to start a new trend before the summer starts. She can cover it up if she flaps it over (lol) but she just chooses not to, which is good because she didn’t do it to hide it. SHOW IT OFF girl! I like it but I personally wouldn’t go get it, I love my hair and yea maybe I’m a chicken when it comes to my hair =]. Lala is Cassie’s first celebrity follower, now that’s BOLD girl. Lala added her own style to it with two lines on the side, sexy mama. Who’s next?!?!                                lalado_1

                                                       By:Tamara D.


2 thoughts on “Bold!

  1. cassie is a gorgeous girl
    it jus goes to show how unsatisfied women are.
    Why would she fuck her self up like that??
    that ish look horrible on both ladies.

    btw- whats with everyone trying to be a rockstar??
    Losers !! they should just be there self.

    – SaniaTiana

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