Dates in the dark…

mini golf

Now we all know that the whole dinner and a movie thing is.. acceptable.. ok.. nice.. BORING!! We are looking for new and exciting date ideas- not the old, played out ones. But don’t get me wrong, dinner and a movie will work too boo! Anyway, how about trying something like:

chi tung

      millenium park



1. Glow-in-the-dark mini golf!! (Glo Putt Paradise on 11101 S. Western Ave.)

2. Millenium Park at night!! (201 E. Randolph St.)

3. Chi Tung Restaurant!! (9560 S Kedzi Ave.)- They have a new addition to the building called the ‘Hibatchi Steakhouse’ which is similar to Benihanas. They cook the food right in front of you on a big grill and do cool, (but not lame) entertaining tricks.

4. Bowling!! (Brunswick Zone at 4700 W 103rd St)- Now this may be a group date, but still fun for you and the boo!



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