Don’t B.E.T on it


So, I’ve composed a list of the 9 things that I hated about the 2009, 9th annual B.E.T awards.

1.) Where were the nominations? How were the viewers supposed to bet on the winner of an award if they didn’t know the nominees?

2.) What was with Beyonce wearing that fairy tale wedding dress while singing a hispanic song at a Black entertainment event?


3.) LiL Wayne had his daughter on stage while he sung a song that included the words “I wish I could F@%CK every girl in the world”


4.) Keri Hilson’s ENTIRE performance!


5.) The Tiny and Toya commercial played so many times that I memorized all the words.


6. )What was with that 20 minute clip of those random teenagers in the audience?

7. ) The nominations were cut in an effort to save time, but yet they let Don Cornelius talk for an hour.


8.) That little skit from “Baby Boy”  when Ving Rhames went on a tanget talking about guns and Michael Jackson?!?!?


9.) The camera crew got more air time than the celebrities.

by Breanna Hogan


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