Drop it Like its not!!


Recently reporters have released exclusive embarrassing news that both rappers, Bow Wow and Jim Jones have been released from their recording label, Columbia Records.

Now as of Bow wow he got what he deserved, for awhile now he has been feuding with his label going to twitter complaining about lack of promotion and attention and also saying things like Beyonce receives more support.  Once again Bow Wow went to twitter to confirm the news and to also state that he isn’t looking to sign with another label as of now.  This isn’t to no surprise with his recant flop of New Jack City II selling only 34k in its first week.

No info was released to my knowledge for how Jim Jones is taking the bad news or why he was also released but I can fill you in on what I think.  I mean he isn’t a highly demanded artist and I must admit the album he dropped Hustler’s P.O.M.E took him places, but it wasn’t enough, no one album will just leave the listens listening forever.  So with Jim Jones having no better or equal project in the making.  He was classified as dead weight and released.

DeVontre Spears


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