yaoAs the nba draft went by and many superstars changed uniform’s the one question on the Houston rockets mind is. Is it over for Yao??? As we all know the 7’6, center broke his foot during the nba conference finals in april and his doctors said  it got worst . The doctors said  there is a slight chance that he cant  play basketball again. My question is where does this leave the rockets. If  Tracy Mcgrady is not returning and Ron Artest is a free agent how will the rockets win 20 games in the west, With the young emerging point gaurd Aaron Brooks and the aggressive power forward Luis Scola  there’s no veteran to lead those guys to a championship. But if Yao was to come back that still want solidify the rockets can win a champioship. I think if Yao’s career was over what could he possibly do he’s 7’6 and  can’t speak english fluently so can you picture him as an analysts on tnt  joining Chuck and Kenny??? How fun would that be. Another path he could go down is a movie carrer getting Jakie chain sloppy seconds dont sound good to me. One thing i know for sure is Yao doesn’t want  to  retire before shaq im sure he wouldnt want to live with that . One think Yao Ming’s doctor mentioned was that they dont wanna do more surgery because it could get worse.  After missing 86 games in the  previous three seasons i think the 28 year old might hang it up.


Trenton Arnold


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