Mean Mug Methods }:| Steven C. Hall

Mean Mooglin’ Muggerfuggler
“What Did I Do to You”
It seems as if mean mugs are the fashion accessory for you thugs and thugettes alike. ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you’ have faded like vibrant images on a weathered urban billboard. The line of communication has been cut by the guise of sharp sneers and unfriendly gawks, halted by the stinch of the stank face. Amazingly on planet Earth you must say “Whatever your name is, I mean you no harm”, before you meet someone.

When I’m driving, walking down the street, going to church, riding the bus- there is always some mean mugger lurking staring at me so hard, that I become a shade darker than I was before they eye-assualted me. Who taught this sort of behavior? Aren’t first impressions not the building blocks of fruitful or barren friendships? And how did everybody now all of a sudden become hard? What’s the logic behind mean mugging someone and then wondering why they never introduced themselves or started to shoot at you? Even though your cold, grizzly look seems to be made of steel, you’re not ‘Iron Chest Charlie’.

Michelle Mug

Since when did it become sexy for a lady to look at you, as if there were four corners, a sold out crowd, and a dinging bell surrounding us? Girls since when do you believe every ‘Hi’, ‘Goodbye’, and ‘How are You’ have some sort of an ulterior motive. For the record don’t nobody want yo mugly a!@! One of the quintessential parts of becoming a mature woman is knowing how to turn down or detour a pursuing man in a tasteful manner. Stop it, because if you wanna box just look at your mama like that for ten minutes straight and see if she doesn’t give you something to mug about.

Everyone please stop the mean mugging. Communication, which is the foundation of community is the reason why we are here. We are sent here to impact each others lives in peaceful and constructive ways. Martin, Malcolm, and Marley didn’t fight hatred so that decades later we could disconnect socially and spiritually due to mixed signals and unwarranted scowls. Mr. or Ms. Muggerfuggler, next time someone mean mugs you politely smile and see their reaction.

Martin Luther King Jr. Mug


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