Say No To Marijuana….It’s Not Cool!



What is it?

Marijuana is a drug that comes from a plant. Marijuana is also called grass or pot and is made of dried leaves and flowering tops of plants. Marijuana is most often smoked in hand-made cigarettes called joints through some people cook with it and brew it in Marijuana tea. Many Scientists classify Marijuana as a Hallucinogenic. Like other Hallucinogens, Marijuana disrupts the ways the brain controls the senses.

What does it do to your body?

Marijuana also disrupts the way the brain controls thoughts and emotions. Marijuana use can change people’s moods, making them nervous, easily upset, and suspicious of other people.

Repeated Marijuana use leads to tolerance which means that people need more of the drug to get the same effect. The regular use of Marijuana can also lead to dependence, meaning that people need the drug to feel normal. Long-term Marijuana use can cause people to lose all interest in everyday activities.

Marijuana can also harm the body. The long-term use of marijuana damages the cells of the brain and nervous system. Smoking Marijuana causes lung cancer and may lead to heart disease. Marijuana also destroys the body’s white blood cells. These cells help infections, so it is likely that Marijuana users will get sick more often, then other people.

 Why is it Dangerous? 

Today, Marijuana is the most popular drug used in America. Over 65 million people in the U.S. use Marijuana. Smoking a single Marijuana cigarette is equal to smoking 5 cigarettes made with tobacco. Also Marijuana smoke contains over 400 chemicals. Some chemicals can stay in your body for months. That’s why you should never ever use Marijuana or any other drugs.                                                             NO%20DRUGS ~*~TC~*~


3 thoughts on “Say No To Marijuana….It’s Not Cool!

  1. weed used to be a all natural product
    that’s when it was at its best.

    what ppl especially teens dnt realize is that they
    contaminate weed with everything, including elephant tantalizer !
    that ish is crazy.

    but i personally think should be legalized for various reasons.


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