chris brown lip weezy

What do you think about R&B superstar Chris Brown’s new lip piercing? Me personally I think that it is very unique and different, he has a different and creative style of his own, he’s not the typical songbird he has an edge to him. I think that this is sexy. Lil wayne did it for the rappers and hip hop, now Chris Brown is doing it for singers and R&B?

Destiney M.


4 thoughts on “SEXY OR NOT?

  1. IDK. When I first saw lil wayne’s piercing, my first mind said “OMG wat was he thinking when he woke up 2day”. Then after awhile n noticing his new image that he was going after, thats when I started to realize that lil wayne is going after that hiphop/rockstar image. I really thought he was being creative n unique. Now Chris Brown I don’t know, I guess I have to let it sit in my mind.

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with Ashley. What image whill Chris go after to make the peircing fit in? However, its very noticable unlike Lil Wayne’s; what was he thinking?

  3. i love dudes with piercings!
    its really sexy to me!
    jus as long they dnt over do the whole look trying to be something theyre not(e.i. “rockstar”)


    • I agree with Sania. I think that Its very sexy and different considering he is an R&B artist and not a rapper or rockstar

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