The Bizarre. Usual. Suspects.(BUS)


Oh,,when will it end?

CHICAGO. Home of the sweet old CTA bus. Where the bus stops are on the corner and provide NO SHADE for yo  burnin’ ass. But once you get on the bus (that might be air-conditioned) and find an ampty seat, that’s when you see the real offenders. There are about ten of them, but you’re going to learn about the most frequent offender….also known as the  “thirsty” boy. He can be seen with a hat on, a white tee, saggin’ basketball shorts, and Nike flip flops with socks on. BEWARE of him. Girls, he’ll lick his lips and go ” Ay girl what yo name is? Girl you look good”. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Give this dude PAROLE. Get him some schoolin’ and a job. So maybe he can learn some game, and if not……well at least he got some paper!!! But that’s still not gonna help him.


Arieanna Ampey


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