TrueHealth: Sarcoidosis

346px-Sarcoidosis_signs_and_symptomsSarcoidosis is a lung disease. Sarcoidosis most commonly affects young adults of both sexes, although studies have reported more cases in females. Incidence is highest for individuals younger than 40 and peaks in the age-group from 20 to 29 years, a second peak is observed for women over 50.  Even though, children and teens do not show symptoms of this disease, it could possibly be deep down in your system so it would be wise it get yourself checked out.

190px-Sarcoidosis_%281%29_lymph_node_biopsySymptoms of the disease are: vague, fatigue, weight loss, aches & pains, dry eyes, blurry vision, dry coughing and different ranges of rashes.

bernie_2 Actor & Comedian Bernie Mac (Mr. 3000, The Bernie Mac Show) had the disease. He had said that the disease went into remission in 2005. He died in August 2008 from Pneumonia and ironically, Sarcoidosis did not contribute to his passing. 

sarcodiHowever, the disease is most likely to affect African-Americans but symptoms aren’t shown until possibly their adult years.

By: Dante Orange


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