Why Didn’t Chris Brown Perform At The BET Awards?

chris-brown- performing thriller in 2006

 The Bet Awards was a bunch of BS! Favoritism is the name of the game they played. Honestly, I think it was Jay z and Beyonce who had this stuff all planned out. More rumors are that Beyonce wanted to open the show with I’ll be there and she threw a fit because BET told her no. once again, have you ever seen Beyonce at the BET awards if she wasn’t nominated or if she wasn’t going to perform? BET wanted ratings and with out Jay z or Beyonce, it wouldn’t have happened….so they thought. It was BS from the beginning!! Chris Brown was wrong for what he did, but he suffered enough and for Bet to let Jayz have anything to do with this decision was STUPID. Rihanna is ok!! She moved right the heck on with Drake. So all the BS should have stop. You give awards to drug dealers, drug abusers, convicted felons, but Chris Brown who had a minor altercation with an ex girlfriend, got the boot. Jay z old as ever and Beyonce is just a cocky female!! I don’t think I can ever watch the bet awards again. Forgiveness is key and Michael was accused of many things, do you really think this is what he would have wanted? Why do you think the Jackson family was okay with Chris Brown performing!!! They know who the media scrutinized Michael and they looked past Chris Browns drama. Case in point only two words can describe how the BET awards were this year… Hypocritical & BS!       

                                   ~*~ Tiffany Carter~*~


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