Why r missin’ black children being ignored.

Why is it that when black kids come up missin’ they end up on damn milk cartons or the “Find me papers” u see laying on the ground.

If it’s a little white kid they all over the place ‘ABC news, FOX, WGN, make the front page of the newspaper all over radio stations.

Black children may make these networks once of twice but sometimes not at all.killed young

What is the value on a child’s life white, black, or other ethnicity they should all matter… Two year old gettin’ murdered this shouldn’t b going on children being thrown n garbage cans what the “HELL” is wrong with our society.

Me havin’ a son myself ain’t no way i can look at him n harm him in any way that little boy is so innocent n don’t know much rite now but it ain’t no way i can hurt him n not feel bad bout’ it.

When i hear parents beating or killing there children its shocking to me. 

Tell me what you think about little African American children coming up missin’ and not being found.     

BY:Carol K.


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