You a LAME if you haven’t…














If you live in Chicago (especially your entire life!) and you haven’t done or taken part in the following, YOU A LAME!!:

  1. Been to the taste at least once
  2. Been on the bus/el
  3. Been to a candy store out of someone’s house
  4. Been shopping down town
  5. Gone down town just to walk around
  6. Had Garrett’s popcorn (cheese and caramel, not just plain!)
  7. Had Flamin’ Hots
  8. Been close to or seen Obama’s old house
  9. Been to Harold’s and asked for extra mild sauce
  10. Felt like cursin out the chinese people doin’ your manicure/pedicure
  11. Had Giodanos pizza (deep dish and thin crust)

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