My first love




Who thinks that females can’t step their game up when it comes to fashion and collecting sneakers. Females across the globe may only share one love in this world and this love is for  sneakers. Sneakers play a very important role in most females lives, most females like myself won’t feel complete without a pair. Sneakers and fashionable and comfortable. Most females become addicted to sneakers, because they are so use to having a comfortable shoe such as a sneaker on their feet. Most even customize their sneakers to fit their personalities or feature their favorite cartoon character or pay homage to a certain person they respect, or maybe even feature them self. I personally love sneakers, because growing up I was always into dance and sports and the dancers and athletes would always rock the hottest sneaker out at that time. Sneakers are very important to me, I definitely have a foot fetish. So when someone ask me who my first love is I say Nike.

Destiney M. ♥


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