Drizzy Drake Rogers thats what they call him, has been over the hills. He hasn’t even released an album and already has thousands of fans. His image has grown since his leading role in the popular tv show Degrassi.

Now that he’s signed to young money he’s guarenteed to be a star. Since he’s surrounded by some of the greatest names in hip-hop, such as Lil Wayne, Bird Man, and Nicki Minaj. Drake has become one of the most in demand artist in today’s society. Some of his most popular songs include Best I ever had, Successful, and Brand New. Brand New was the first song that I heard by drake and I knew he was something special. Best I ever had is also one of my favorites because he’s talking about how the girl is all he ever wanted. Successful is decent because he’s talking about how he want all the finer things in life.

  • 1.Lust for life

  • 2.Loustatlant Vegas

  • 3.Successful

  • 4.Let’s call it

  • 5.Novemeber 18th

  • 6.Ignorant Shit

  • 7.A Night Off

  • 8.Say What’s Real

  • 9. Little Bit

  • 10.Best I ever had

  • 11.Unstoppable

  • 12.Uptown

  • 13.Sooner than Later

  • 14.The calm

  • 15.Bria’s Interlude

  • 16.Outro

  • 17.Brand New

  • -Antionette



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