2010 No1 overall?

john_wall_575At the college basketball round table each week, a question is asked.  This week the question was who will be the No.1 in the 2010 NBA Draft.  The most popular or most common answer was a high school senior named John Wall.

Some reports state that John Wall might have been the No1 pick of this years draft, if the rules had not changed.  At 6’4, John Wall has the size and length to be an elite NBA player.

NBA teams have shown in last years draft that they have no problems with taking points guards with very little experience early in the draft.  Three of the first four picks in the 2008 draft were point guards, Derrick Rose, O.J Mayo and Russell Westbrook, all of their experience all together adds up to four years of college experience.

If John Wall plays up to expectations, NBA teams will be eager for his services just like Derrick Rose last year.

DeVontre Spears


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