Eye Of The Fish!

Fish-eye lens

By: SaniaTiana Erwin



I love the artistic concept of these cameras. The “Fish-eye”  is a lens that takes circular-like pictures. They have different degree angles depending on the results you want.


Pictured above is the actual lens. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive. They’ll run you at least $500 for a digital one and $70 for a non-digital one.

Too expensive?

Don’t get to disappointed if you can’t afford them because there are always some alternatives.  You can always buy a regular lens cover and cut a whole in the center. Also, you could get black duct tape to place evenly on the bottom and top of your lens.

Fish-eye Pictures




add the fish-eye lens for cheap-http://www.instructables.com/id/$11-Super-Wide-Angle-Digital-Camera/

Another Bargain site-http://cameras.pricegrabber.com/camcorder-lenses-accessories/p/699/




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