Man, That’s Gay.


Notorious Offender.

I would say almost anyone who reads this is probably guilty of saying “that’s gay” (yes, I am too). Nobody really knows why they say it, they just do. Well, when you say “that’s gay”, you use it  to describe something that’s lame, weird, or it just plain sucks (ex. . You see that movie? Yeah, that movie was gay.) The concept of being gay ( homosexual) was originally seen as being wrong, negative, and/or bad in our society and sometimes it still is. So, eventually gay the lifestyle, kind of developed into “gay” the adjective used to describe something that just really sucks. Most people who say “that’s gay” aren’t always homophobic or ignorant, they just say it because it fits. People always ask why don’t people say ” That’s straight, That’s apple, That’s red?, etc.”  in place of that’s gay? Well, the answer is because it’s become accepted as an everyday word like man or nigga, its become a habit and anything else to the user just sounds stupid. It’s a habit that needs to be broken, but honestly it’s not going away anytime soon.



One thought on “Man, That’s Gay.

  1. Its so sad that gay is associated with negative aspects of our daily lives. But you are probably right, it’s not going away any time soon…

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