Worst Athletes Turned Rappers

Ron Artest Rap Album

Ron Artest Rap Album

While there are some people who can profession in multiple there are others who simply can’t.  Take Ron Artest for example. When he released his album called ” My World” in 2006, it only sold 100’s of albums in the first week compared to hundred’s of thousand. Now I know he ain’t Lil Wayne but come on,  that’s horrible. There are others who attempted also and a couple were actually not that bad. So here’s a list of the top 5 worst athletes turned rappers…..so far.

5. a8065293817bcdc8Shaquille O’ Neal– Shaq had some success with his rapping career whcich is why is at 5. But it was the popularity as a basketball star that kept him making more, not his songs. 

4. Kobe Bryant– Kobe released an album entitled K.O.B.E, but it didn’t appeal to reviews which is why only sold a few copies. It  was signed to Columbia Records.

3. Deon Sanders – If you haven’t seen his music video, “Must be the Money,” then you’ll see exactly why there is nothing more need be said.

2. Chris Webber– His music only made it to local television in Detroit. If you wanted to hear is music you could find it if you stayed up real late at night and the local radio station that played weak rappers.

1. Ron Artest– His Album entitled “My World” only sold 343 albms in its first week. It was really that horrible. He even had a music video called “Fever” which was his latest and hopefully his last. Bottom line: Athletes, stick to being what you are: An athlete.


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