Cassie… Crazy??

cassie cut 

Now this poor girl has enough stacked up against her already. This whole half bald, liberation, punk rock thing is just too much. I think we kinda forgot about the girl until this happened. She’s supposed to be a singer too right?? Yea, she has like 63 other careers on the side. Before deciding to throw singing in, Cassie modeled, danced, acted, and hip-hopped all around America. Too bad the singing world hasn’t really accepted her as graciously. Bad Boy really turned her out—of her mind! Did she really think that her “other skills” would suffice for a successful music career? I feel sorry for her sometimes actually. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful girl. But in a crucial industry like music, you may not have to know how to sing, but for goodness sake, get with some people who can create the illusion of it!



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