Coaches Changing Styles

Doc rivers

Doc rivers

Gregg Poppovich

Gregg Popovich


Every coach the league, whether its football or basketball, has their own unique style of play whether they no it or not. Some might use other coaches strageties but they have their own. Coaches try to develop a good relationship with their players, but at he same time they want them to be on the same page that their on. This isnt just in the nba though. This is happening in the nfl and other professional sports also. Here are a couple of coaches in the nba who have unique coaching styles:

Phil Jackson: He likes to use the triangle offense. Also if a team goes on a run on them, he doesnt call a timeout. He lets his players figure themselves out. It seems to have a good effect too.

Greg Popovich: He likes to focus on defense make sure his players are well disciplined.

Rick Adelman: He likes to give his players some fredom but he knows how to get them in line when they get out of control.



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