Skittles: Taste The Rainbow!

Skittles__Taste_The_Rainbow_by_saint_loobyLesbian teens just don’t care anymore. They refer to themselves as rainbows taking over, sadly to say they are taking over weak minded people. High school is the second hardest test in life; it can make you or break you, because everyone is seeking to see who they really are. It just so happens that some teens realize that they like the same sex , but this gives them no reason to prey on innocent straight teens such as myself. Teens can’t even use the restroom in school or change in the locker room without being paranoid. It‘s beginning to become a stereotype that all lesbians play basketball whether they can play or not.

  • Why do “happy” teens insist on turning straight teens out?!?!
  • Why do “perky” teens feel the need to dress like the opposite sex?!?!

Rainbows Taking Over! I think not, no one really like skittles anyway!


                                                  By:Tamara D.


3 thoughts on “Skittles: Taste The Rainbow!

  1. That’s called being homophobic, and paranoid, just because someone is lesbian doesn’t mean they are attracted to every girl.
    And I love skittles.

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