2 Sides to every story

ben-gordon-looking-tired1 day after signing with the Detroit Pistons, Ben Gordon revealed on Thursday to a radio station located in Chicago that the Bulls never made him a contract offer, even though Gar Forman, the Bulls general manger said resigning him was their no.1 priority

“I mean they didn’t pursue me at all.  They didn’teven make an offer so it was pretty much a one-man race,” Gordon told ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago.

Gordon and the bulls, for the past two years have been trying to negotiate a long- term deal.  He ended up accepting a 1 year offer and had one of his best seasons last year. Once he was labeled as a unrestricted free agent, the pistons made their move.

“I’m happy about my new situation now. I’m looking forward to it,” said Ben Gordon

General manger Forman declined comment, but did mention if Gordon would have stayed it would have been a crowd back court.

DeVontre Spears


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