Weekday chick  VS. Weekend chick(Summer Time)

By- SaniaTiana Erwin

Weekday girlfriend16420341_8bdf20d994  Is usually the main chick during the school year, but during the summer being a weekday girlfriend is a bad thing. The weekday girl is usually the less attractive girl. She has a nice personality so you like to spend your most time with her. The biggest conception is that the weekday girlfriend is the one he cares bout the most. That is only true during the school year ! The weekday chick is most likely only used for those daily “visits”. She is basically only to pass time, because the weekend chick is too busy for him.

Weekend girlfriend


Although he may not spend the most time with this chick he likes her the most. She is the fly chick he can take out and bring around his friends. She’s basically arm candy, but she knows how to have fun. He wish he could see her more, but she has better things to do during the weekdays.

So, next time during the summer break a guy says he can only see you during the weekdays, you know what’s up !


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