Be Careful, It May Hurt



Technology must have the world on some new, incredible high that causes the brain to sink rapidly into the abyss of stupidity only to return floating atop a wave that never returns to reality. The victims- us.               Whoever invented this idea of picture and video messaging needs to be shot… then revived. MySpace and Facebook too. They are the perils of our generation and of this era in time. Only thing is, we must consider the opportunities and liberation that these things have yielded.

            Sex texting or sexting is sending sexually explicit messages, photos, and videos electronically. Sounds like pornography right? Probably because it is. And don’t get it twisted; it doesn’t have to be some big time stuff. Simply sending pictures in your undies or a bikini will work too. And this goes for everyone. In case you haven’t caught on yet, these actions are illegal. Most significantly for us, child pornography is serious and not simply looked over. Teens: don’t be fooled by the people in the world who have surpassed high school, college, and mid- life crisises. Yes, old people take some of the same immature and unintelligent actions as us. They set these awful examples for us, allowing our impressionable minds to be sucked into the glamour of sexually exposing our bodies to everyone. Another thing is, we aren’t so unwise as to make the same decisions. We are fully aware that things like this can destroy us variously.

            2005 was about the first time sexting was publicly exposed. In 2007, 32 Australian teens were prosecuted for sexting. In 2008, a senior in high school in Pennsylvania, Jessica Logan, was living a ‘normal’ life and had a boy friend. Like many of us now, she sent some sexually explicit pictures to him often. When they broke up the boyfriend sent the pictures via email to several students at their school and afterwards Logan was bullied for months. “To make sure no one would have to go through what she did” she went on a TV show to tell her story. The profound affect that the taunting had on her life however, drove her to suicide. Just earlier this year three girls faced charges of manufacturing, disseminating or possessing child pornography. The guys involved faced charges of possession. They may have to register as sex offenders for 10 years. Go send a nude pic now.

            Simply put, it’s not a wise choice to make. Girls: don’t even put yourself in the position. And just to warn you, avoid putting half nude or suggestive pictures anywhere near a computer. That’s only if you want to get into a good college or have a great career when you come out of course.



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