It’s a Baby!

1101851209_400    Babies raising babies. Parents seem to think it’s ok if their daughter comes home with a little baby bump, and because of getting their parents approval teens walk around like it’s the cutest thing in the world! Don’t get me wrong I love babies; but it’s not ok for teens especially between the ages of 15-17 to have to raise a child, what happen to just being a teen with no strings attached. Young teenagers only responsibility should be getting to school on time, getting good grades, participating in school activities, and hanging out with friends-not raising someone. To make the matter worse cities are now opening up schools for pregnant girls, in my opinion this is giving teens all the more reason to keep having babies. I just want to know what happened to all the strict parents that told their children that it’s not ok to get pregnant at this age, what happened to teens being ashamed, and waiting until marriage?!?!

                                         By:Tamara D.


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