Long Distance Relationships

Dang she gone!

Dang she gone!

What can I say about long distance relationships…..

They Don’t Work…

Long distance relationships for teens don’t really work out. Teens now really don’t communicate as it is. Long distance relationships is nothing but, DRAMA.

Some girls are needy!

Girl: “Baby i need to see u 4 times a week and i can’t do that if  you all the way in Florida”. I’m gone miss you too much. You gone be cheating on me i just know ain’t you?

Boy: I am all the way in Florida so you gone have to see me when I come back. I am not gone be cheating on you I promise.  

Boys are sometimes needy too!

Boy: “Baby I called you 10 times and you didn’t answer who you with and what you doing? Are you avoiding my phone calls? uhhuh so that’s why I texted you 15 times REPLY TO ME WOMEN!!!

Girl: I was grocery shopping bae “DANG”.

Boy: Yeah right whatever “GIRL”.

Its only so much each partner can deal with these kind of conversations. Eventually a “BREAK UP” is bound to happen.

 By:Carol K.


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