Micheal Jackson’s Ghost?………SIKE


I can’t believe people are so naive as to think that there was actually a ghost in the superstar’s “Neverland”.How can that even be possible?That was someone from the crew using the special effects to their advantage.I know the crew is having a ball laughing at the people who believe this.The controversy involving  Micheal Jackson’s death is starting to get out of control.Do you think that if that was a ghost for real that the crew would have conitinued doing the tour of the house?Nope,they would have ran like they were on 35th(those of you not from Chicago lol let’s just say you don’t want to be caught down there at night) being chased by the law.That’s what I would have done.But,despite the ghost not being true…..that was freaky weird.

Donavon Henry


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