Are You In That Mood Yet?


By: Chris “Zookie” Roberts

Personally one of my favorite mixtapes. I know some of you are looking  at this like “Joe Budden?’ “Ain’t that dude that made Pump It Up awhile back?” Yea it is, but don’t get it twisted Joey is probably one of the most underrated rappers of this generation. This is the second in his Mood Muzik mixtape series, but this mixtape itself is pretty old. Mood Muzik 2 dropped back in Janurary of 06 and since, Joey his went on to release more mixtapes such as Mood Muzik 3, and Halfway House. Either way this mixtape is a good way to get put up on Joey from Jeresey!


1. Intro
2 . Are You In That Mood Yet
3 . Old School Mouse (produced by Ron Browz)
4. Killa B.H. Skit Part 1
5. 6 Minutes Of Death feat. Jae Millz & Stack Bundles
6.  So Serious (produced by C4)
7 . Get It Poppin (produced by Soul Diggers)
8. The Future (produced by Dub B)
9 . If I Die Tomorrow (produced by E-Zo)
10. Young Niggas (produced by Ron Browz)
11. Phone Sex Interlude
12. World Takeover (produced by C4)
13. Dumb Out (produced by The Architechs)
14. Killa B.H. Skit Part 2
15. Ghetto America Snippet (produced by C4)
16. What’s Up feat. Newz & A-Team (produced by Cosere)
17. 40 Licks (produced by Nelly Nel)
18. For A Reason (produced by Boola)
19. Three Sides To A Story (produced by Scott Storch)
20. Stained (produced by Scram Jones)

 Download Here


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