Juking? Grinding?? Freaking?!


Sure thing we all know of the dance styles prevalent in Chicago . Juking has been around for years but was reinvented when Generation “Y” (our generation) gave it this cute little name. Previously it’s been called freaking, grinding, and now in the south it’s twurking. Whatever you want to call it, it’s most simply dry sex if you ask me! Moving on though… Some other ways we like to get down in the Chi include footworking. We see the group at every house party sometimes killin’ (looking good) and sometimes actually killing the entire concept of the dance. And can someone find the Pope for me??- “King of bob” and aspiring local cele… member of the community. Bobbing (previously known as popping) is another Chi-town craze. Like juking it’s been around for a while but is now a phenomenon in, what some would call, the ghetto dance world. Lastly, stepping is a dance style we all watched our parents perform but child-friendly R. Kelly blew up when “Step in the Name of Love” came out.

But let’s expand our horizons; other parts of the country and world have distinctive dance styles as well. In the south they are Cupid Shuffling, Whoopin’ Rico, and ‘Doing the Rick Bobby then stopping’ all over the place. Out east, like in Phili and New York , they’re doing something called the Aunt Jackie, the Wu Tang, and that’s where B-boying originated as well. If you ask me, the Aunt Jackie is probably the stupidest dance I’ve ever seen, consisting of clasped hands and a forward, backward motion. Pretty much all the dance trends out west are coming from- you guessed it- California . They have gotten all of us Midwesterners hooked on jerking and that’s where krumping and turf (Taking Up Room on the Floor) dancing originated too. And let’s not discriminate! Dances called voguing and tutting have become popular among the gay guy community. They are pretty… suited I guess you can say. 

Many of the cool dances we see everyday evolve from all over the world. In India , they have special Indian folk dances (Bollywood). And this is a cool fact: it may seem like “duh,” but hip hop has hit so many countries that I can’t even list them all! They are getting it crackin’ in Australia , the U.K. (“Brithop” lol) and Asia to name a few. Dance group Kaba Modern from America ’s Best Dance Crew is a great example of Asian hip hop dance progression and basic exposure that Americans need to see. Feel free to look these styles up and embarrass your self attempting to do some of them!



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