Picture of the EAST!


 Boston will be a geriatric squad, if/when they sign both Rasheed Wallace and Grant Hill. But who cares? That seven-man rotation (Rondo, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett,Kendric Perkins,Grant Hill and Sheed) is the best in the league, even if it would probably degenerate at rapid levels in the subsequent years. Boston knows what it’s doing. They see the window and they’re acting accordingly. They recognize they probably have one more year to get some rings with this current group. And before you wrongly suspect that Sheed will bust up the Ubuntu, remember that Doc is a player’s coach and that the Celtic’s not only have KG to keep Sheed motivated, but Allen, who might be the most paternal player in the league. Man, this just might put the king’s ring on hold once again……….By: Devon Williams


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