Practices what he preaches

2088138Gary Green arrived at U of Kansas with NFL dreams and NFL talent but he found a different path and priority.

At the 9th Street Baptist Church Outreach Center, Gary Green opens his Bible and watches as people begin to filter inside the small building for a Bible study that he is about to lead.

It was described as a welcoming atmosphere.

“I think people come out changed,” Green said. “When I leave, I feel different than when I came in.

Green started off the bible study by reading John 1:5, then held a discussion on its relevant.

Green’s path to Kansas began Dec 5,2003 when he made his decision to play for Kansas and his new coach couldn’t have been happier.

“I fell in love with Kansas,” Green told Jayhawk Slant in 2003. “I just don’t want to go to Kansas and be another player. I want to contribute and help them keep building their program.”

It wasn’t until he was injured during practice that he decided to start a bible study with acouple of fellow teammates.  In those days they had no idea of how big their bible study would get.  I guess God had bigger plans for Gary Green, bigger then football.

“I have no regrets,” Green said of his time at Kansas. “There will always be a part of me that looked back at my career and want it to be more than what it was. But I probably gained more from what I went through.”

DeVontre Spears


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