Shaq in the King’s Palace?


Last Thursday it was finalized that Shaquille O’neal the “Big Cactus” will be joining King James on the court. Cleveland traded Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic to the Phoenix Suns for Shaq. The Suns also received the 46th pick in the NBA draft and $500,000. One source says that Cleveland was going to obtain Tyson Chandler if they had not gotten the deal with the Suns. This worked out for the better, the Cavs will be better off with Shaq then Tyson. Shaq has four rings and is a 15 time NBA all-star, Tyson has no rings and has never been an all-star. In a press conference Shaq told reporters, “I’m now in the security business. I’m now here to protect the King.” He also said his new motto is “to win a ring for the King.” This trade should work out for the better of the team and get Lebron started on his quest for NBA championships. Now he can claim his throne as the rightful King.



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