“Will Learn for Pay”

pupil pay

She Say: Personally, I think money as an incentive for good grades is a great idea. And I know from personal experience that it works…well! When I was in middle school my parents used to pay me for good grades, and although initially that was the only reason I attempted to get good grades, I eventually became motivated by just knowing that I was an honor roll student. So by the time my parents stopped paying me I continued my success for pure self-satisfaction. I look at it like the Law of Syllogism in Geometry:

If you don’t get good grades, then you won’t get into a good college.               

If you don’t get into a good college, then you won’t get a good job.                   

If you don’t get a good job, then you can’t make good money.                           

So essentially, if you don’t get good grades, then you can’t make good money.

 So in the long run, money is the fundamental motivation for good grades anyway. So what’s wrong with giving students a sample of what they have to look forward to in the future? Critics to the idea are worried that students will be put in the mind set that they have to be paid for everything they do. But the bottom line is as lot of students’ grades and test scores are very poor and this money incentive is making drastic improvements. So until we find another way to successfully motivate students, we’ve got to start somewhere! – Breanna Hogan


Society Played for Pay

 DNt Gve

He say: Paying kids to learn is incentive for educational growth in an imperfect world. The goal is to produce responsible adults, but conversely it produces individuals motivated by money- this is the core problem with our capitalistic society. Students are being paid to do things they should do out of passion, self-investment and self-interest. Pay for learning creates a fundamentally unsound person.

For some reason people replace security which is a family, clothes, shelter, and reliable friendships with the improper manifestation of money embodying these things we inherit or earn based on character. Money does not create productive people in our society. Soon will teachers be paid to give good grades instead of students being paid to earn them, what would happen then? Incentive has become a hindrance.

How could your integrity not be questioned also? And how could you ask these people to become contributing adults to society, when they have always been compensated for doing well? How could you ask them to help the younger generations to learn or become mature, when their growth was based on monetary mentoring? Where are our futures headed when peers are now parented by the almighty green dollar?

Integrity does not grow on trees, lets plant integral seeds to society.

-Steven C. Hall


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