Are You Bored?


Well, try these on for size…..

1.Sit in a parked car, put sunglasses on and point a  blowdryer at cars going past.

2.Put on a disguise and walk around your neighborhood. ( Try not to be creepy though .)

3.Talk to a random person on the street.

4. Talk to some old people ( They’ll tell you about your life and theirs. Trust me. )

5. Try to peel a banana with your feet, or put it in between your knees and try to peel it with only your teeth , whichever one works for you.

6. Start your own blog  and fascinate people with your randomness.

7.Call a wrong number and talk to whatever poor soul answers the phone.

8.Listen to music you hate. ( You might learn something.)

9. Go into a crowd or group then say ,” I am God, and I am angry.” or say ” OMIGOSHH!”  then say ” Sorry, I thought I saw the bat-signal.” Or see how much spare change you can get.

10.Go to McDonalds and act like you can’t speak English. Then after you get your order ask for ketchup.


And if all else fails you can call someone, watch tv, watch movies, play video games, listen to music, or the best time passer of all time SLEEP!