Cyber Cheating










The Internet has an opened door to a world of opportunities for us all. With a simple click of the mouse, you get instant messages and other messages whether you are looking at the pictures your friend posted up yesterday or just looking to have fun. I mean come on before the Internet unfaithfulness consisted of having numerous calls from other guys or being caught walking around with another chick. Now teens can use that mouse to click on chat rooms to find someone to flirt with or pour your heart out to.  These characteristics can sometimes lead to physical cheating.(Humm)

For those who don’t know what cyber cheating is – it’s when two people who have never met each other in real life take part in online communication that crosses the lines of appropriate behavior. This can lead to breaking the bond between you and your partner. In other words couples should NEVER discuss personal issues via emails, chat rooms, even message boards. (Keep It Private).

Ashley J.


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