Drake’s City is Trash

"Brand New" way to keep the Averge Joe from being "Suc-Cess-Ful"

"Brand New" way to keep the Averge Joe from being "Suc-Cess-Ful"

In Toronto, civic(most noticaible in sanitation) workers have gone on strike. Trash is stacked on the curbs of  busy streets and overflowing in public water. Could you imagine the stench? For approximately three weeks, trash-talk from city officials and workers have left Toronto residents standing in line to get rid of their garbage.

Civic workers in Toronto went on strike to prevent the privatization of their jobs. Privatization allows the city to use other sources rather than their citizens as workers. Privatization prevent people who’ve worked for the city for years, high school students, and other civilians access to these jobs. Globalization is comparable to privatization, which is why Ali or Abdul may answer the phone when you call your service provider. Both are ways of taking jobs from the average Joe that may have grown up there, as other arrangements allow cities or companies to pay less for labor.

I hope Drake’s cd isn’t as trash as his city is.

-Steven C. Hall


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