Tattoo Crazy!


Tattos have been around for years but it seems that they have really hit the mainstream this year. I know a lot of people that got tattoos just because everyone else got them. This is especially in school. Everyone walks around showing off their new tats.  Tats are commonly showed on arms backs and legs. But now, people have gotten them on every part of their bodies. Now tattoos can be seen on hands, necks, chests, heads, stomachs, and even eyelids ( Lil Wayne – Fear God).

There’s nothing wrong with getting a tat but you have to think when you want one. Don’t get a tattoo of  your boyfriend or girlfriend if you don’t plan on being with them for the rest of your life or if it doesn’t seem that way. I would get a name of a loved one that past away that meant a lot to me or a nice little animation. But don’t get anything crazy like ” Mr. Cool Ice “. You’ll look ridiculous.

– Avonte’


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