TexT Me! =D

New Picturesfd

I am a texting crack head! (Lol) Yes, texting is my drug and I’m so addicted. I don’t need rehab but I think my thumbs might need a band-aid. Texting is way better then chit chatting on the phone; it’s just so much easier. QWERTY pads are the best things to ever be invented second to soap. But one thing I really don’t understand is where in the world did text lingo come from? No, I’m not slow I know some of the words are abbreviated but really who started this?…Ha-Ha bet you don’t know either ttyl (talk to you later).

You (u)


Ily (I love you)

Bff (best friend)

Bf (boyfriend)

Gf (girlfriend)

Idk (I don’t know)

What (wht)


Thanks (thanx)

Lol (laughing out loud)

Rotfl (rolling on the floor laughing)

By: Tamara D.


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