The War Against Pants

We Hate Pants !


What ever happened to that wonderful creation called pants?  I guess the recession is hitting folks all over even celebrities and we can’t afford them anymore. Pictured above is Katy Perry. She is unique to say the least. Chick just loves those rompers. I just don’t understand ! She should go find that girl she kissed and ask her for fashion advice.


Vanessa Hudgens is only wearing  a shirt. I hope she spilled something on her pants and had to put them inside that bag.  The chick is too hot for this get-up


 Let’s be honest have you actually seen Lady Pants-less, I mean Lady GaGa in pants ? The look itself should not be done by anyone except her. So, please leave the lady gaga-ing to Lady GaGa.


Rihanna only has on a hooded sweater, but yet she is amazingly fab. The chick can do no wrong ! I have to admit I am now more open-minded to the idea going pants-less.

 Going pants-less is a huge step and lets be serious if your thighs are out of shape with cellulite on them, keep them on.

– SaniaTiana Erwin










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