Best Games In The Universe

Who says girls don’t game? Here’s some of our favorite video games.


The origin of the video game. It’s a classic.


Street Fighter II

The improved version of Street Fighter with multiple characters.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Who doesn’t love this game?


Halo 3

One of the best selling games. It’s addicting, fun, and involves a lot  of shooting.


Super Mario World

Another classic that just boomed into a super mega franchise.



The original first person shooter game, introduced the world to keys that unlock doors.Doom[1]

Call Of Duty 4

One of the best first person shooter games and war games. Great graphics.


Left 4 Dead

Constant shooting at zombies in groups, different levels, healing, and multiplayer? What’s not to love?


Final Fantasy VII

You can buy weapons, change the way your character looks, and a great storyline. It created a phenomenon, it was just  good, and Sania had to fight to put it on the list.


Resident Evil 4

One super good shooting game, he has a knife, buy weapons, and a plot that makes perfect sense.


-Arieanna & Sania


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