Even the best can look like the worst

ept_sports_nba_experts-811804872-1247243594Now this has the same concept of if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around does it make a sound?  By now every sports fan should have heard of how University of Xavier sophomore Jordan Crawford was said to have  jammed all on Lebron James at Lebron’s Skill Academy correct?

There is no video of the dunk available, it was stated that James had all records of any embarrassment destroyed, and Nike was left to do Lebron’s dirty work by erasing all footage.

This one event has brought more negative attention towards Lebron’s career then any other,  benefits of all doubt were removed when Lebron just left the court after the NBA finals Finals without showing any sportsmanship.  Did the king  (Lebron James) get exposed or is it a conspiracy?

DeVontre Spears


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